Tips On Choosing An Electrician in North Shore, Auckland

Your homes’ electrical system is complex and can be very problematic if an important component breaks down. If you are a homeowner or if you own a building complex for business purposes, it can be a good source of headache if your electrical system breaks down. Sad to say, it is not easy to fix too and certainly cannot be done without the proper tools and the knowledge base. With that said, if you have problems regarding your electrical systems your only solution would be to hire an electrician.


Electricians are professionals who are well versed in installation, repair, maintenance and operation of electrical systems. They are also knowledgeable about certain electronic components which are definitely a big plus.  But if you need electrical expertise to address problems in your property or home, choosing someone you do not know too much might not be the best way to go around your problem. Before having your electrical dilemma fixed, there are few things you should bear in mind when choosing someone to deal with your electrical problems.

Before everything else, it is important that you evaluate first the type of electrical job you need done. Do you need a certain electrical component fixed? Need electrical wiring replaced? Are you renovating a specific room or space in your home? Answering these questions might not lead you to someone directly but it will help when choosing one with the right skills.

Choosing a Contractor:

The first thing that should be on your check list when choosing someone is that he or she should be a licensed professional. Licensed electricians are your foremost guarantee that he or she would be more than capable to do various electrical works effectively and safely. The last thing you would do is hire an unlicensed electrician. Aside from fixing your electrical dilemma, there is a chance that further damage can be done instead.

Aside from license, you would also want someone that has experience in the kind of job you need done.   A master electrician is your best bet if your electrical problems are big in scope. These professionals often have at least three years of experience with a workmanship guarantee or warranty on the work they do. A master electrician will certainly cost you more though.


Speaking of cost, always get at least 2 or three quotes among different professionals who offer to do the job. Always make sure to tell them what you need done including the capability of these individuals to address material need. During these financially challenging days, everyone wants value for their money that is why taking your time in choosing the right person to do your electrical work.

Aside from a license and experience, you would want to hire someone who have good communication skills, a sound attitude and trustworthy. A professional appearance alone can reflect the performance and overall quality of the work that will be done. A trusty electrician would give you the peace of mind as well that your property will not be vandalized or items will not be stolen.


All of the qualifications above are important in considering the individual who will be addressing your electrical needs, but if you do not want to go along with all that trouble, you can easily ask someone even your neighbor for a recommendation. Of course, you do not want to ask a stranger you met on street for an electrical job recommendation but instead ask those people who you know quite well and whose opinions are trustworthy and important. A recommendation is perfect if you would not want all the hassle associated in finding the right person for the job and certainly will relieve you from all the stress about trust and the quality of work.


To summarize everything you need in finding the right electrician for your electrical need be it small or big, first you need to check for a license, ask for experience and accreditation if any, and the pay they want for the work done. Lastly, ask for recommendations on who to trust and who delivers high quality workmanship including value for the money.

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