Emergency Electrician in Auckland

We all need electricity in our house everyday and without electricity, life seems hard. Today we all are dependent on electricity that means if any electrical equipment is not working you're dependent on a electrician to come and fix it unless you know how to fix it. That's great if you know anything about electricity but if you don't and you need a electrician to fix any electrical problems in your home, you can contact Jenco Electrical. Jenco Electrical are registered Master Electrician based in Auckland who can help you with all your electrical needs. 

​These are all the services provided by Jenco Electrical. 

​• Full or partial rewires, new builds, switchboard installation, and switchboard circuit repairs,

• Replacing fluorescent light with LED lighting

• Installation of sockets, switches, phone and data points, data cabling and lighting

• Testing & tagging

• Hot water issues

• Electrical work for new or refurbished kitchens and bathrooms, RCD’s, heated towel rails

• Lighting design and installation

• Outside lighting, security lights, providing the electrical supply for garden water features, pond and spa pumps, power supply for pools and spas.

So if you're living in Auckland and looking for a Auckland Electrician, you can contact Jenco Electrical on 0800 453 626 for any electrical problems you are having and Jenco Electrical will come and help you. 


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